Ainsworth Game Technology Ltd. ...

… is a globally well-known and very successful gaming machine manufacturer based in Sydney, Australia, which was founded in 1995.

Always striving for innovation at its best with the aim to take the player’s gaming experience to the next level, the Ainsworth brand has repeatedly produced gaming machines since more than two decades which, in many aspects, were a step ahead of the competition. In 2001 Ainsworth was the first manufacturer to introduce a gaming machine with a unique large 40” vertical screen & adapted game graphics, which took the competition quite some time to reproduce.

Being influenced by its home market Australia but also having a great presence in the American markets, Ainsworth cabinets & games add a different, very interesting & definitely attracting flair to any European-style casino.

Ever since E-Systems became an exclusive distributor for Ainsworth in 2005, the install base of Ainsworth machines has grown continuously over a timespan of 14 years in all countries & jurisdictions E-Systems is present in.

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